Istock Dice
Online trading can be a tricky thing to get right, more so for new traders. One of the biggest problems that online traders face is knowing when to close a position. Closing a position requires decisive and confident decision making skills. The last thing you want to creep into your mind is superstition or gut feelings. You can retain profits effectively without missing out on future gains and reduce losses by simply knowing the best time to close your positions.

Whether you’re trading Forex, commodities, indices or stocks and shares, closing at the right time is vital for your quest to maximise your profits. Many traders, especially new kids on the block, tend to hang on to profitable positions for too long, getting worked up in the excitement of the markets going their way but before they know it, the market has swung, their greed has gotten the better of them and the profits have vanished.

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HY Markets

When it comes to competitive yet thoroughly professional trading companies one of the first names that pops up every time is HY Markets. There are many reasons to trade forex, commodities, indices and stocks at HY Market from their 30 year pedigree to the industry leading trading platforms for both computers and mobile phones. If such facts weren’t enough to convince you that HY Markets is the right place for you to trade, for a limited period you can also receive Free Training At HY Markets when you open a new account.

The training programmes at HY Markets can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a brand new trader looking to learn the fine arts and skills of trading or if you’re an experienced trader looking for the killer edge there’s a training package for you at HY Markets. There’s training about every aspect of trading available including; trading basics such as order types and simple margin trading advice, technical analysis about charts, indicators and patterns plus lessons about economic date and macroeconomic factors for the more advanced traders.

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