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Trading markets across the world have become somewhat calm and tranquil waters ahead of US Federal Reserve chief, Ben Bernanke’s congressional meeting on Capitol Hill later today. There were slight increases for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq during this morning’s trading sessions but, as a rule, investors at many online trading and betting sites like BetOnMarkets have seen relatively flat markets throughout Wednesday morning.

As investors and speculators across the world eagerly await the news from Washington, most markets have seen little to no movement. Whether Forex markets, indices, commodities markets or stocks and shares, the markets have all been on a ‘go slow’ today.

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During today’s trading sessions, Forex traders saw the US dollar slide, with the greenback losing ground against the euro, Swiss franc and Australian dollar amidst fears of further quantitative easing measures following remarks by the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, with traders. Forex traders at eToro (your capital is at risk) and other online brokers saw the EUR/USD currency pair climb by over 0.3% following the news.

However, many of you may be asking why would the suggestion of quantitative easing in the US cause the dollar to slide? Quantitative easing is a measure used by central banks to stimulate growth in a country’s economy. This is done by the purchase financial assets, which injects a predetermined quantity of money into the economy, often used to keep interest rates at a specific level. However, this practice comes with risks.

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