As one of the most ferocious hurricanes ever to hit New York landed, millions of US citizens have been left without power, 15,000 flights have been cancelled, at least 40 people have lost their lives, an estimated $40-50 billion is needed to clear up the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has left in its wake and, this giant storm has caused the closing of the New York Stock Exchange for two days straight – the first time since 1888! Unsurprisingly, nobody is shocked to hear that the closing of the New York Stock Exchange slowed trading both on the world’s trading floors and at leading online Forex brokers such as eToro (your capital is at risk).

It’s not just the New York Stock Exchange that has been forced to close for two days following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy. The NASDAQ also closed operations and it will also be out of action until Wednesday, just like the NYSE. Traders at eToro and other leading online Forex brokers witnessed many currency pairs becoming stagnant thanks to the closing of the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.

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