eToro is undoubtedly one of the internet’s favourite places to trade online, with nearly 100,000,000 million trades placed to date. Recently, eToro took another leap forward in terms of online trading when they launched four mobile apps – two for iOS devices and two for Android devices.

There are two kinds of eToro apps available. The first is a traditional mobile trading platform that offers up-to-the-second real time prices as well as the ability to open and close trades, catch the latest market news and fully manage your trading portfolio, all from your Apple or Android-powered mobile device.

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Over the past couple of years, online Forex trading has become a hugely popular pastime for gamblers and investors alike. More recently, as mobile phone technology has developed many Forex traders are finding themselves opening and closing positions from their mobile phone or web enabled mobile device, using facilities like the mobile Forex trading apps from eToro to keep up to date with their portfolio.

For a while now, eToro and many of the internet’s leading online Forex brokers have offered trading platforms for certain mobile phones but most of these facilities had very limited functionality and certainly weren’t an ideal way to trade Forex on the move. However, the well designed and ultra functional mobile Forex trading apps from eToro rewrite that particular rule book, offering you a fully interactive trading experience from your iPhone or Android powered mobile device.

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HY Markets

The fast-paced world of Forex trading demands for quick thinking and rapid decision making. However, until recently, Forex traders had to be sitting at their desks at just the right moment to profit from moves in the markets. But one of the internet’s leading online Forex brokers has come up with a solution. Now you can trade Forex from your mobile phone at HY Markets, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time, no matter where you actually are.

Seconds can make the difference between winning a losing when trading Forex, which is why the HY Trader Metatrader MT4 trading platform is a ‘must have’ facility for serious Forex traders. The platform is available for a number of mobile devices that include; Apple’s iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry and Android-powered mobile devices.

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Long gone are the days when Forex trading was an exclusive opportunity for a select few. These days, Forex trading can be undertaken from the office, from work or even on the move from your mobile phone using the world’s leading online Forex brokers such as ForexYard. Trading accessibility at ForexYard has never been more open, with their industry-leading Meta-Trader4 trading platform for PC and their numerous mobile Forex trading platforms that are available for most popular mobile phones.

Because the world’s Forex markets are open around the clock five days a week there are plenty of trades to be made throughout the day and night. This means that you can trade Forex during your lunch hour from your office computer or your mobile phone. You can also trade while you wait for your train and on your journey home too.

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Many of the world’s leading online Forex brokers have various mobile trading platforms that allow you to trade from your mobile phone or PDA. However until now one of the internet’s favourite online Forex brokers has resisted the urge to release a mobile trading platform but we can finally tell you that a mobile trading platform is coming soon to eToro.

By the beginning of next year eToro will be ready to release its mobile trading app. The software will be available for a number of mobile devices including; iPhone, iPad and Blackberry plus all Android powered devices too.

You will be able to trade Forex on the move, in the car, on the train or even in the bath. Simply put, you will be able to trade from anywhere on the planet where you can get a signal of some description. The mobile trading platform will allow you to trade at real time prices, access all of your account details and view all of your investments and even have access to the new OpenBook from eToro.

This great new mobile Forex trading platform is still in its final stages of development and will initially be available to traders by invitation only. If you want to be one of the first to use this great new mobile trading platform you must complete an application found at

If you’re not already trading Forex at eToro there’s never been a better time to start because right now you can earn a welcome bonus of up to $10,000 when you first fund your trading account and you can also then be one of the first people to be invited to use the brand new eToro mobile trading platform too. Visit to find out more about more about the mobile trading platform that’s coming soon.

Forex WebTrader

If you knew of a great place to trade forex with some of the best prices and a huge choice of currency pairs to trade with wouldn’t you want to tell your friends about it? If you Refer A Friend To Forex Web Trader you’ll not only be sharing the experience of using a world-class trading platform but you will also earn a $75 bonus for every friend that you refer to use the great platform at Forex Web Trader.

Forex Web Trader is one of the leading trading sites on the internet for many reasons. These reasins include; trading accounts starting with as little as $25, no download instant trading, deposits available using credit cards and other options, over 40 currency pairs to trade and easy-to-use one-click trading.

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IG Index

With today’s hectic lifestyles we may often find ourselves on the move, away from a computer but instead of missing prime deals you can now start Mobile Dealing With IG Index, meaning you’ll never miss a deal again. Sometimes minutes can cost thousands which is why Mobile Dealing With IG Index is such an advantage in the worlds of spread betting and trading.

You can use any Java enabled mobile phone, smart phone or PDA to start trade on the move and unlike many other mobile dealing and trading platforms, IG Index’s mobile platform offers you their complete range of markets, instead of just a chosen few. This means that you have access to thousands of shares, indices, forex pairs, commodities and more.

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