Forex traders at eToro (your capital is at risk) and other trading platforms around the world saw renewed appetite for the euro today as Greece agreed new austerity measures to avoid defaulting on its debts, something that could spell disaster for the Greek economy. This latest agreement by the Greek Government will go a long way to securing the €28 billion EU/IMF bailout package, which is being voted on tomorrow.

The troubled Greek economy has been the primary reason for the euro’s recent poor performance across the world’s Forex markets, and the riots and protests by the people of Greece over the last 48 hours has done nothing to assist the fortunes of the euro. However, if a bailout package can be secured, the future of both Greece’s economy and the euro will look much brighter.

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Today, traders at online Forex sites such as ForexYard witnessed a rise in the fortunes for the struggling euro. The euro rallied following news that Ireland may receive support from the IMF in a bid to ease their economic difficulties and debt problems.

This morning, Ireland welcomed representatives from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union, who attended meetings in Dublin at the Irish central bank, the Irish finance ministry and the city headquarters of the European Commission in a bid to find a solution to Ireland’s rising debt issues.

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