Sports Spread Betting – Tips And Techniques

General Sport Tips

Betting To Lose Can Be A Winner

This applies to all sports. There are a lot of bets placed on major teams and players to win their game. This is a psychogical factor; people want to see their team win – its as simple as that. They want to sit in front of the TV egging their team on, they get excited, and put more money on thinking this is going to be theirs, and their team’s big day. Brokers make a lot of money from people who take this approach to sports spread betting.

If you really want to make money, detach yourself from any emotions, and ask yourself exactly why are you putting this bet on. If your team is on a losing streak, then you betting on them to win is not going to change anything! Bet on them to lose!

Quiet Day? Enjoy it!

If the spread being offered is no good, then take a break and find something else to do. Don’t put a bet on just for the sake of it – you’ll probably lose!

Take Your Time

Start small, get to know the online system, don’t rush in. Keep your stakes very low initially, don’t think you are going to miss something – “It came in at 50-1, if only I’d upped my stakes” – yes that may happen, but if it doesn’t you may put a premature end to your gaming career. Take it easy!

Football Spread Betting Tips

Do Your Research

Using statistics will not give you a ‘crystal ball’, as it can always go either way, but don’t ignore the stats. Beware grudge matches, they are one factor that can alter a teams ‘run’.

Think About Your Bet

How much can you win from this bet? How much can you lose? What are the chances of you winning? Ask yourself these questions, put all the answers together, and you’ll know if you should put the bet on. And, if in doubt, leave it out.

Use What You Know

If there’s a ‘heavy cropper’ in the line up, there’s a good chance there will be a yellow card.

Horse Racing Spread Betting Tips

Match Bets

You may have a good idea of who is going to win the race, but there is always the ‘outsider’ factor. Sidestep this by putting a Match Bet on, where you bet between two horses, and the spread is made up of lengths. So, if as you predicted Running Jump beats Falling Numpty, and Running beats Numpty by three lengths, you get three times your stake. In this example the initial spread has been ignored so always bare that in mind.