Capital Spreads Review – Spread Betting

Capital Spreads‘ success is due to the fact that over the past few years they have not rested on their laurels and have continued to develop their services to meet the growing needs of customers. This includes a recent software overhaul to make the site even more user-friendly. Their online platform means that any download compatibility problems are avoided.

The site itself contains a wealth of information for the experienced trader and the newbie, including a comprehensive training guide and spread-betting tutorial for beginners, as well as a printable platform guide. The software (below) is user-friendly and has all the components that you would expect from a major spread-betting broker. Instant trading is easy, and open trades are monitored in real time with a cash profit and loss figure constantly displayed on the screen.

One small annoyance with the software is that it doesn’t preview the margin required to place the bet before you actually confirm it. When you select ‘info’ on a product, it will tell you what the IMR is for you product, then you have to multiply that by your stake. Obviously this is no big deal as we all have calculators, but it’s a bit mystifying as to why an otherwise comprehensive platform should be put together without such an obviously helpful function.

The software (below) runs on a series of tabs, buttons, and selection boxes. Basically select your product, check the Min IMR and Buy or Sell it. They also run Binary bets, which is a bit of a bonus, as although in essence they are spread bets, the method has a built in and predicted stop loss which means you will always know what your potential profit and loss limits are. For more details see our Binary Betting Guide

The maximum Stop loss default is set at 80% of Max CGSL, which is dependent on which instrument you are trading. In short, it is a calculation based on the volatility of the instrument or product. Otherwise, lower level stop losses can be set manually as part of your own risk and money management strategy.

Despite an array of features, the software’s layout is still not too ‘busy’ and is easily navigable, which is a bonus to those who just want to get on with trading, and not have to worry about grasping complex software. They were Investors Chronicle’s Best Spread Betting Firm three years in a row (2004 – 6), only to be pipped by Igindex in 2007, and 2008 – an accolade not to be taken lightly and another reason to sign up at Capitalspreads.

Capitalspreads Spread Betting Platform

Capitalspreads Spread Betting Platform

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The Facts

How To Open An Account

Minimum Deposit

  • None, except margin to cover bet

Minimum Bet

  • £1


Deposit / Withdrawal

  • All major debit and credit cards.
  • American express and some International visa Electron cards are not accepted
  • 2% admin fee for credit card deposits.

Trading Platform Logon


  • Printer friendly platform manual, FAQs, Glossary


  • Email
  • Telephone Hours:
  • Dealing
  • Spread Betting Monday – Friday 07:00 – 21:00
  • Binary Betting Monday – Friday 08:00 – 21:00
  • Customer Support
  • Spread Betting Monday – Friday 08:00 – 19:00

Operating System Requirements

  • None, web-based

Demo Account

  • Yes

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