Paddy Power Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Update: Paddy Power has closed its Financial Trading Section, so this review will remain for info purposes only, we would suggest for a top fixed-odds financial betting experience you visit

Paddy Power are establishing themselves gradually as a player in the financial betting market. Their entry into the market is twofold with a dedicated spread betting interface, and the option to bet on financials using their regular betting interface.

Whilst a dedicated interface would be preferable, in reality with fixed odds financial betting it doesn’t make too much of a difference. The good thing about fixed odds platforms is as that as long as they take the bets, that’s pretty much all you need. Although some trading sites offer analysis, Paddy Power in common with many site does not offer market analysis. However, there are plenty of free sources available on the net, but the usual caveat applies, always take advice with a pinch of salt, and test it with a bit of paper trading.

Fixed odds bets on offer are basic ‘range bets’ – nothing too complex there, and a good introduction to the markets which doesn’t take too long to get your head around. The problem with many beginners is that they can get ahead of themselves. As soon as they’ve had a few wins in a row, they think they’ve cracked it, and decide to move on to more complex strategies, or even change to a wide variety of betting products.

With a platform like Paddy Power however, its limitations are its strength. If you stay with them for a while, you will learn that ‘longevity’ is a key issue. Can you stay in the ‘trading game’ for a length of time, and remain profitable or at least out of the red? If you stick to basic range bets and can answer yes to this question, then you have probably learned how your chosen markets move, and are maybe ready to expand your trading skillset and portfolio.

With trading or betting platforms that offer a huge variety of bet types, the problem often for the beginner is that they move around these bet types too much, and instead of mastering one bet type or market, they learn how ‘fail on an array of different levels’. With Paddy Power, this type of behavior is restricted due to its inbuilt limitations.

Paddy Power’s saving grace is the range of the Financials is markets on offer; several indices, major currencies, and commodities including Brent Futures, Gold Futures and WTI Crude. their software does need some development, they are one of the few brokers who will let you place a bet for as little as 10p. At that level it is quite feasible to sustain an account and learn from your mistakes which is probably one of the most important learning curves that you will have to go through. Finally, another economic, and therfore paramount consideration – there is no charge for transactions. Give them a go, a tenner won’t hurt!

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Essential Facts

How to open an account

  • Sign up online

Minimum Required Deposit

  • £10 / Euro

Minimum Required Bet

  • 10p

Bet Types

  • Basic range bets
  • Expiry:
  • 5 Min, 1/2 Hourly, Daily.


Deposit And Withdrawal

  • Cheques, and An Post Billpay.
  • Credit cards, Debit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, Bank Transfer
  • No transfer charges

Support Available

  • Email / Live Chat

Featured Markets

  • Currencies:
  • 5 Majors
  • Indices:
  • FTSE 100, US and European
  • Commodities:
  • Brent Futures, WIT Crude, Gold Futures
  • Stocks:
  • No

Demo Account Available

  • No

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