Ladbrokes Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Update: Ladbrokes has closed its Financial Trading Section, so this review will remain for info purposes only, we would suggest for a top fixed-odds financial betting experience you visit

Of all the ‘traditional betting’ sites that have taken the ‘Fixed Odds Financial Challenge’ Ladbrokes stand head and shoulders above the others. Their software, range of markets, and bet types on offer show that they see fixed odds financials as a serious business in it’s own right, not just an adjunct to baseball and other sports betting.

Everything is on one page which means no clicking back buttons to alter your market selection. They’ve also gone for a highly visual approach to which makes their platform more user, and particularly ‘beginner friendly’. Graphs are available, which is not the norm for sports betting sites offering financials, and another rarity is the opportunity to use a demo account.

If you do use a demo account, and you find yourself doing very well, please bear in mind that betting with ‘demo cash’ is a psychologically different game to betting with real cash. So don’t leap in head first to a live account from a demo account, make the transition a well considered one, especially when it comes to stake sizes.

Demo accounts themselves are a contentious point, and some traders argue that it is better to forgo the demo entirely, but start a live account with minimum stakes, as even though any losses maybe small they will be real, and will go some way to preparing you for playing with larger stakes of real money.

There are a range of indexes, currencies, and commodities on offer. The joy of fixed odds betting is it allows you to enter these markets through a method that doesn’t require swimming pool size accounts. This enables you to get to know e.g. the EUR/USD without having to put a minimum of $20 on per trade. In fact £1 will do the job – you won’t earn a fortune this way, but you’re not going to lose one either, and you’ll be able to stay in the game long enough to develop an understanding of how each market moves.

Bets operate on a daily, five minute, and hourly basis, although a five minute bet is arguably an option for traders who don’t take the game seriously – it’s a punt in the truest sense of the word.

Odds are expressed in fractions which is a good as you don’t have to be a gambler to understand the system, whereas decimal odds are another matter. One minor criticism of the site is that whilst you are staring at the screen figuring out on what you are going to place your bet , you are confronted with the top navigation bar advertising poker, casino, and bingo etc. It would be nice to be given a dedicated screen without any other distractions, but, you can’t have everything!

There is also a ‘betting history’ function which is practically unheard of on gambling sites, and is a valuable resource for assessing your performance over time with a view to strategy improvement.

Above all, it’s the simplicity of the software that impresses, and with the range of markets available, there is definite reason to applaud Ladbrokes. They have managed to give the fixed odds punter exactly what they need.

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Essential Facts

How to open an account

Minimum Required Deposit

  • £5/10 dependent on payment method

Minimum Required Bet

  • £1

Bet Types

  • Up / Down
  • (Touch)
  • Expiry:
  • 5 Min, Hourly, Daily.


Deposit And Withdrawal

  • Payal, Neteller, Click and Buy, Ukash, Bank Transfer, Moneybookers, Western Union
  • Major Credit/debit, Payal, Neteller, Click and BuyMajor Credit/debit
  • No admin charges except for Western Union

Support Available

  • Telephone

Featured Markets

  • Commodities :
  • Brent Oil, Gold, Nymez, Silver
  • Currencies:
  • 8 Major Pairs
  • indices:
  • 8 Majors inc. FTSE100, Wall St.
  • FTSE 100
  • Stocks:
  • No

Demo Account Available

  • Yes

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