Extrabet Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Extrabet have now ceased, this review however remains on our website for posterity.

Extrabet are another of the ‘traditional gaming sites’ that have cottoned on to the popularity of Fixed Odds Financial Betting, and have decided that they want a piece of the action. And to be fair, they’ve not done a bad job considering that their resources are spread between the horses, the football, and the Dow Jones.

Not only have they moved into fixed odds, they also give the users the opportunity for spread betting, and binary betting. If you do plump for this option be very careful though, as unlike fixed odds betting, whilst the gains can be considerable, so can the losses, so perhaps for a beginner spread betting and binaries are not the best option for someone new to financial markets.

There are a wide range of markets on offer, including indices, stocks, and currencies. The fixed odds platform can be seen as a relatively safe testing ground, enabling you to gain your trading spurs without breaking the bank. Having said that, ‘safety’ is relative, and entirely dependent on your own ability to decide on a betting budget, and more importantly, stick to it.

Commodities are also on offer including Gold and Silver (daily), which are a place to start along with the major currencies, if for no other reason than the amount of general information and analysis available for free on the net. But, always treat advice or information with a pinch of salt, and if necessary test the source of information by paper trading and seeing which source comes up with the goods. Not a guaranteed policy, but a sensible one!

The bets available run on an ‘up/down ladder system’. Quite simply this means that are given different odds for exactly how far up or down the ‘ladder’ a stock will go. The odds are given as decimal odds as a default, but there is a tick box to the top right of the page that allows you to change this to ‘traditional’ fractional odds, e.g. 4-1.

One criticism is that there are no graphs, which although it’s not the end of the world (there’s plenty of free graphs out there on the net), it would be nice to have everything on one screen.

For a relatively new entrant into the Fixed Odds Financials market Extrabet have done a good job on their website, everything is accessible on the one page, and the range of markets on offer are enough to give the beginner a taste of what it is like to trade seriously, and learn how the markets move without remortgaging. Overall, well designed, lots of options, so, worth a punt!

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Essential Facts

How to open an account

Minimum Required Deposit

  • £10

Minimum Required Bet

  • £1

Bet Types

  • One Touch
  • Up / Down
  • Expiry:
  • 5 Min, 20 Min, Hourly, Daily, Monthly.


Deposit And Withdrawal

  • UK debit cards (Switch/Maestro, Visa-Delta, Solo) Irish Laser card
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), Bank Transfer, Cheque
  • Note : 1.75% charge on credit cards

Support Available

  • Freephone, Webform

Featured Markets

  • Currencies:
  • All the majors
  • indices:
  • Most Major indices
  • Stocks:
  • 11 British Majors
  • Commodities:
  • Gold, Silver, US crude

Demo Account Available

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