Choiceodds Review – Fixed Odds Financials And Spread Betting

Update: ChoiceOdds has closed, so this review will remain for info purposes only, we would suggest for a top fixed-odds financial betting experience you visit

Fixed Odds And Binary Trading

A relative newcomer to the game, one of Choiceodds’ strengths is it concentrates on providing a Fixed Odds and Binary only service covering a large spread of financial and currency markets.

If you are a bit of an eco-warrior, you’ll be pleased to hear that Choiceodds claim to be carbon neutral due to their tree planting carbon offsetting scheme.

Although Choiceodds doesn’t provide a lot of historical trading data on their site that’s not a problem as there is a wealth of information to mine out there on the net for free. And, with an easy to navigate website and user friendly betting interface (see below), its a great place to learn the ropes of Fixed Odds and Binary betting.

As you can see from the screenshot below, everything is laid out on one page, and is very clear. You select your bet-type from the tabs along the top centre of the screen, then, along the left of the screen are market options. From here you can select your ‘instrument’ e.g.Silver, or GBP/USD, and the bet’s expiry (which is limited to intraday bets, no rollovers).

When your market has been selected, you will be given a series of bet options in the centre of the screen. The options (strike prices) display the bet odds, and you then place your stake by selecting one of the bets on the screen. You place you stake by either manually typing a figure in the stake box on the right, or by using one of the amount selector buttons. Your bet will then be displayed in full on the betting slip with the potential profit should your bet come in. All you have to do then (if you have already opened an account) is click confirm. Simple!

Choiceodds Fixed Odds Trading Platform

Choiceodds Fixed Odds Trading Platform

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Binary Trading

As you can see below, the floating binaries trading platform is very straightforward as well. One criticism would have to be that although your potential profit is show before you confirm your bet, your potential loss is not. Having said that, potential loss is easy to figure out quickly, and if you are unsure how to do it, see our Binary Betting Introduction

Choiceodds Binary Betting Platform

Choiceodds Binary Betting Platform

Choice Gaming Ltd., Choiceodds’ operators are not stupid, and although there is no demo account available, they themselves recommend that beginners start betting with 10p stakes until they have learned the ropes. It is in no-one’s interest if someone who doesn’t know they are doing gets wiped out in a week by ‘putting their house on a horse’.

It’s a shame that Choiceodd’s software doesn’t have real-time or legacy charts to follow, however, overall its an easy to use platform, allowing the beginner to focus on learning to play the markets and not worry about mastering complex new software. They are definitely worth a look as they continually run good promotions, their standard offer being the their free £50 bets.

The Facts

How To Open An account

Minimum Deposit

  • £20

Minimum Bet

  • 10 pence


Deposit / Withdrawal

  • Major credit cards and MoneyBookers

Trading Platform Logon


  • Glossary, betting guides


  • Email, Telephone

Operating System Requirements

  • None, web-based

Demo Account

  • No

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