Betsson Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Update: Betsson has closed its Financial Trading Section, so this review will remain for info purposes only, we would suggest for a top fixed-odds financial betting experience you visit

Betsson are fairly good all round because although the cover most spheres of betting, unlike some other ‘betting giants’, they have at least gone to the lengths of providing ‘standalone trading software’ as opposed to having financials as a mere add on sandwiched between the horses and the football. This does make a difference, and from the look of the software this is a venture into a new market for them, and is likely to be followed with software updates as they will eventually realise that following the markets can be just as much fun and excitement as the grand national, and will gradually pull a lot more punters in.

As with all Fixed Odds Financial Betting platforms, they fail to provide any market analysis, but as no-one else is either, it doesn’t mean that they are a bad choice. If you are serious there are lots of sources of free info out there if you feel that you need to more than your own simple trend analysis.

They do have transaction history (with filters) which is a very good tool, if you are not analysing your performance you are not serious and in the long run unlikely to make any money (even with fixed odds where the odds of winning are in a lot of cases 50/50, luck isn’t really a factor).

At the moment there are not a lot of markets on offer, and the bet types are limited. The upside of this, particularly for beginners, is that the limitations of selection mean that betting becomes more focused. With less distractions on offer you are more likely to understand how markets move as opposed to trying a different approach when you haven’t mastered the first one.

Placing a bet is easy, and if you are not sure of anything there is live chat available for instant support. All in all it is good to see a betting company committing some real cash to trading software development. Definitely a good platform to use if you are new to the game.

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Essential Facts

How to open an account

Minimum Required Deposit

  • €10

Minimum Required Bet

  • €1

Bet Types

  • Range (up /down)
  • Interval
  • Expiry:
  • Intraday (Daily close of market)


Deposit And Withdrawal

  • Major Credit/debit, Neteller, PayPal
  • Moneybookers, Click and Buy
  • 1.5% except on Debit Cards

Support Available

  • Live Chat, Email, Telephone
  • Support generally available 24/7

Featured Markets

  • Indices:
  • UK, US, and 10 European
  • Stocks
  • 12 European
  • Currencies / Commodities
  • None

Demo Account Available

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