Betsfortraders Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting‘s site was easy on the eye, and user friendly, unfortunately, the site has been bought by a new operator, it is being offline (July 2009) and the future of the site remains unclear. The site has been taken over by the owners of BetOnMarkets who provide the same service. Betonmarkets are an award winning operation, for an overview of their service, see our Betonmarkets Review.

We have left the following review in place for comparison purposes.

One great feature is the sliding bars that allow you to create your own bets without taking your finger off the mouse. You don’t need to refresh the screen, its all done for you, the bet price, the payout, and the graph all updated instantly.

Their support for newbies is pretty good, with a series of online video tutorials covering use of their software and how to run the different bets, all with straightforward examples. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are a wide variety of bet types to choose from, and you’ll notice the ‘How does this bet work?’ button to the left of the screen. If you click this button you will get a clear description of how the bet you have selected works.

Once you have selected your bet type, you will need to select your market (it can be done the other way around). If you look at the top of the screen you will see a ‘Market Type’, and ‘Market’ drop arrow selection box. Firstly you choose your market type, e.g. Forex, or UK Stocks. Then you select you particular market e.g. EUR/USD. You will then notice the whole screen changing as it is updating and providing you with a real-time graph of your chosen stock or currency. You can alter the chart type (e.g. line/candlestick) or its frequency (e.g. hour/day) using the drop selectors that are just below the graph.

You will then be given a default bet with a preset stake for the bet, and a preset payout. You can alter this by moving the sliding indicators using your mouse, or using the ‘Set’ + and – buttons to the right of the screen. You’ll notice that stake price continually alters as you adjust your bet strike price. There is also very clear bet summary in the middle of the screen which tells you how much you will win and what the condition for the bet is (expiry, and strike price). As you can see this is very straightforward software, the only quandary you really have is deciding what to lay your bet on, and that’s what trading is all about!

While they don’t have live chat for assistance, their email response is timely and reliable, and they do have a free-phone service for the UK, which can be helpful particularly for a beginner. If you need further support, you can also sign up to discuss anything to do with trading, or just chat at the Trading Game Forum.

With a wide variety of bet types and markets, very user friendly interface, and a demo account, Betsfortraders is a great option for both newbie and experienced traders.

Betsfortraders Fixed Odds Trading Platform

Betsfortraders Fixed Odds Trading Platform

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The Facts

How To Open An Account

Minimum Deposit

  • £50

Minimum Bet

  • Variable – no minimum


Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Credit or Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo, Switch or JCB)
  • Cheque (UK only), Bank Wire

Trading Platform Logon


  • Betting Guides, FAQ


  • Email, Online Chat, Telephone

Operating System Requirements

  • None, online platform


  • Commission free and Tax free

Demo Account

  • Yes

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