Bet Fair Review – Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Betfair are as they sound, a betting operation that have recently from sport based betting into financial betting. They have wide range of U.S. and European indexes which are not available on the majority of Fixed Odds Financial sites.

They also offer spread betting, but if you do find yourself in that section, please make sure that you fully understand the implications of betting on such a hot and fast platform. Fixed odds is often a precursor beginners who may later move on to spread betting once they have mastered an understanding of how the markets move in the safer environment of Fixed odds Financial betting.

Their platform is very user friendly, and placing a bet is very straight forward. One small criticism of the site would be that everything is framed in terms of gaming. There’s no real problem with this, but they are probably shooting themselves in the foot, as anyone who has been in the trading game for a while will not view the platform as a serious option.

On one level this is OK, as the site is fine for beginners who want an easy in to the market. But, if they do persist in keeping the interface they are unlikely to develop as a full blown financial betting site.

The site in a way does seem like the perfect option for traditional gaming betters who want to move on to financials. The phraseology of the site is couched in terms like ‘back’ and ‘lay’ the familiarity of which will be a bonus to traditional gamblers.

If you do have experience of sport betting, then Betfair are probably one of the best of the betting firms. Their bet types are very easy to comprehend, and as they mainly deal with indexes, at least you won’t be confused about which market to choose – just pick an index, study it, and then get you cash out. Good luck.

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Essential Facts

How to open an account

Minimum Required Deposit

  • £10

Minimum Required Bet

  • £1

Bet Types

  • Up / Down
  • And variations on the above
  • Expiry:
  • 20 Min, Hourly, Daily., Weekly, Points Movement.


Deposit And Withdrawal

  • Major Credit/debit, Neteller, PayPal
  • Moneybookers, Click and Buy
  • Charges : 1.5% except on debit cards

Support Available

  • Telephone, Email

Featured Markets

  • Wall St, FTSE 100
  • International Interest Rates

Demo Account Available

  • No

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