Spread Co Review – Commodities Trading

Spread Co’s commodity trading runs off their Forex platform, and the trading principal is exactly the same. This is a good thing as the ‘Forex method’ is probably the safest option for trading, unless you know your market extremely well and are confident with your overall trading abilities. The two commodities currently on offer are spot gold, and spot silver which is enough to be getting on with particularly if you are new to trading.

All the standard Forex risk management and strategic options apply to Gold and Silver, although the lot size system is entirely different, and it would be advisable to ensure you know exactly what the implications of choosing to open trades with the different lot sizes. Whilst you won’t be losing more than your margin, it is necessary to fully understand the way the lots work to enable you to apply your own risk reward ratio to the trade as an assessment before opening it.

Trade closure can be defined as end of day, date and time specified, or good til cancelled. If you want to use a stop loss or take profit you will need to place an order (which will execute when your commodity hits a certain price). This means that you can’t open an immediate trade with a stop loss which is a bit annoying, but then that’s nothing unusual. It seems that there are no brokers out there that offer the facility to place any type of order with all desirable risk management options. The interactive graphs can be set at between an hour and a year, and at frequencies of between one and thirty minutes.

The trading platform itself is very user friendly, and once you know where your trading strategy is heading you can fully customise the platform to your individual needs, including various optional graph overlays. If you fancy a punt on a currency pair you can also do that directly without changing accounts. You can also spread bet on commodities with spread co, and they do have pretty much the widest range of commodities on offer. But, be very careful if you take this option, because the losses can be as scarily large as they can be stratospherically high. You will need a very high margin as well, so until you know the commodities markets, the Forex platform for trading commodities is probably the best option.

Overall, Spread Co’s platform for trading commodities is a great place to start, and if you do your homework, and learn to focus on Gold and Silver without being tempted to move to other commodities you can make a reasonable return on your investment. If you are up to speed on interpreting news events then perhaps you may move to somewhere with a wider variety of commodities on offer. However, if you learn how one or two commodities move you will give yourself a more solid foundation on which to build your trading portfolio, and if you do take this approach, then the Spread Co Commodities Trading platform is a great place to develop your knowledge and skills. Don’t forget to try out their demo account first.

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spread co commodity trading platform

The Facts

How To Open An Account

Minimum Deposit

  • £100

Minimum Trade

  • £25


Deposit Withdrawal

  • Visa and MasterCard, UK Maestro, Visa-Delta, Solo and Electron cards, bank transfer
  • 2% charge on credit cards.
  • Trading Platform Logon


    • Online


    • Telephone (Intl.), webform

    Operating system requirements

    • Online / Windows

    Demo Account

    • Yes