eToro Offers 17 Dedicated National Websites



Investment and trading online is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for people to attempt to make money from, well, err…money. Speculating on the fortunes of the world’s financial markets from your home computer or mobile phone has never been easier and now, eToro offers 17 dedicated national websites, each tailored to suit the needs and requirements of investors around the world.

Because of the varying legislation across the world regarding online trading, eToro has designed 17 individual tailored websites to offer concise and accurate information about trading from these particular countries. The national sites are; UK, USA, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Russia, Portugal, China, Sweden, Australia, Japan and Arab Emirates.

The most obvious difference between these sites is language, as each site is published in its native language. However, the differences go further than the words used on the pages. For example, the Arab Emirates sites focusses on Islamic accounts, which ensure that there is no Riba (interest from loans) in any form. Other differences between trading from one country to the next include; taxation, funding procedures and methods, and religious aspects.

This bold move by eToro clearly displays their understanding of the needs of investors around the world. If you want to find out more about trading a range of products from a variety of markets across the world, or to open a new online trading account with one of the internet’s most popular providers visit As a new trader at eToro, you will also be entitled to a welcome bonus when you first fund your trading account and a host of other advantages and benefits.