Flat Markets Ahead Of Ben Bernanke’s Testimony


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Trading markets across the world have become somewhat calm and tranquil waters ahead of US Federal Reserve chief, Ben Bernanke’s congressional meeting on Capitol Hill later today. There were slight increases for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq during this morning’s trading sessions but, as a rule, investors at many online trading and betting sites like BetOnMarkets have seen relatively flat markets throughout Wednesday morning.

As investors and speculators across the world eagerly await the news from Washington, most markets have seen little to no movement. Whether Forex markets, indices, commodities markets or stocks and shares, the markets have all been on a ‘go slow’ today.

What traders and investors want to know is whether or not the Federal Reserve plans to curb its current $85 billion-a-month bond-buying scheme. The massive quantitative easing campaign that the Federal Reserve has enacted over the past couple of years may be coming to an end, or so insiders believe. This may well be suggested over the next couple of days in Washington.

What effect will a reduction in the US’ bond buying scheme have on the markets? It ‘should’ strengthen the dollar, which will have a massive effect on the world’s markets, not just currency markets. Traders at BetOnMarkets and other financial betting and trading sites should see more opportunities to invest as markets across the world feel the effects of a rising dollar.

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