Copy Traders That Suit Your Strategies At eToro



eToro offers a unique way for both new and experienced traders alike to profit from trading currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Thanks to the groundbreaking eToro OpenBook, you can copy traders that suit your strategies, allowing you to take advantage of more profitable traders’ knowledge and knowhow.

The eToro OpenBook is a revolutionary way to trade and invest in the world’s financial markets. Not just a run of the mill trading website, eToro is so much more. The OpenBook is a collective community of traders and investors whose trades can be seen by all. This gives you an insight into the strategies adopted by the best traders on the site, displaying their winning (and losing) trades, which you can then copy.

The eToro OpenBook offers a handy search function that allows you to identify traders with specific strategies and trading styles. You can make searches based on; risk, position, leverage, timescales, win ratios, gains, exposure, number of copiers, daily turnover and more. This gives you the opportunity to only copy traders that meet certain criteria, allowing you complete control of your trading style.

The useful trader search function at eToro’s OpenBook features a wide range of variables. You can see how other traders have fared over the past month, 3 months, 6 months and over the past year. This gives you a much better insight into the success of a trader, identifying if they are consistently successful or if the last few months have been kind to them.

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