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Spread betting is quickly becoming the investment method of choice for many financial speculators in the UK. The number one reason that spread betting is favoured so highly in the UK is its tax-free status. However, just because you’re not taxed on your profits, this does not mean that you are sure to win your bets when you first start spread betting. To ease you into this great investment opportunity, you can practice spread betting for free at BetOnMarkets using a demo account.

The demo account at BetOnMarkets allows you to familiarise yourself with the processes of spread betting, the various types of bets you can make, the many markets you can bet on and when to close a winning or losing bet, all without risking a single penny of your own hard earned cash.

As well as being able to place practice bets at BetOnMarkets, you will also find a wealth of other tools and guides that will help you to place winning bets more often. There’s a free guide to financial betting, a video guide of the functions and facilities at BetOnMarkets, a free financial trading webinar and e resources section filled with useful information about the world’s markets.

All too often, spread betting on financial markets can be a confusing experience, with much of the information you need to place informed bets hidden or deliberately made difficult to understand to the uninitiated. However, at BetOnMarkets things are different. Placing bets is simple and there is guidance and advice all of the way.

If you want to try your hand at spread betting without putting your own cash at risk, you should pay a visit to and open a new practice spread betting account.