Guardian Angel Trading Software From eToro



If you’re a new trader at eToro, there are many ways that you can gain valuable experience including a great new piece of software that offers your tailored and personalised investment advice. The Guardian Angel trading software from eToro is a great tool that’s designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in your trading style.

eToro’s Guardian Angel software delivers feedback that’s designed to correct any wrong decisions you may make during your early investing days at eToro. This great tool provides information on the volatility of markets, while also presenting any relevant fundamental analysis about a market that may help your decision making processes and it is available free of charge to all traders at eToro from the word go!

Even though the Guardian Angel tool offers advice to traders at eToro, it never actually tells you which positions to open and close, nor does it advise at what prices you should buy and sell at. However, when it comes to analysing trades and identifying areas where you are exposing yourself to unnecessary levels of risk, the Guardian Angel software is a very useful tool indeed.

The Guardian Angel software will assist you but it’s no bag of magic beans, no beanstalk and no golden egg-laying hen. It can only improve your skill set, not completely replace it. You are still required to have an insight of your own that you have developed through investigating markets and through actual investment experience of these markets.

In short, as great a tool as the Guardian Angel software is, it will never be able to make you rich on its own. It is essentially a tool that should be used to ‘improve’ your trading and investment abilities, as opposed to an auto-trader tool that opens and closes positions automatically. Visit to find out more.