£5 Free Bet Continues At Ladbrokes Financials



Unlike online casinos and other gambling sites, financial betting sites rarely offer freebies such as deposit bonuses and free bets but one operator is bucking the trend and they have done so for over a year. The £5 free bet continues at Ladbrokes Financials, which is a bonus that will match your first bet up to a maximum of £5.

This great introductory offer from Ladbrokes Financials has been running since September 2011 and isn’t due to expire until 31st December 2013 but, as far as we’re aware, Ladbrokes has no intention of ending the offer. Not only is it a generous kick start to your betting days at Ladbrokes Financials but the gesture doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Ladbrokes will match the same sum as your first day total stakes up to £5. This amount will then be deposited into your online sports wallet within 72 hours, which you can then use to make further financial bets only. You cannot use the free bet credits to make other bets at Ladbrokes or to play any games at their sites. Do be aware that, unlike other bet match bonuses, you will receive the value of your stakes not the value of the results. If your real money bet wins, you will not receive the value of the prize, only the value of the bet that was placed to win it.

If you want to take advantage of the £5 free bet at Ladbrokes Financials simply visit www.ladbrokes.com, open a new fixed odds financial betting account and then place your first bet. Simple!