eToro Offers A Fully Transparent Social Investment Network



eToro is quickly taking over the world of online investments, with a wide range of markets to make investments in, ranging from currency pairs and commodities to stocks and indices. Much of eToro’s success can be traced back to the launch of the eToro OpenBook, which allows access to a fully transparent social investment network powered by you!

The eToro OpenBook is a unique investment method that has opened up a once exclusive world to the everyman. Thanks to the fully transparent investing process, you can see what other investors are doing, where they are laying their money and when they are closing. Likewise, other investors at eToro can see each and every position you open and close.

The benefits of the eToro OpenBook and the transparency of all investments are countless. For new investors, the ability to watch experienced, seasoned investors making their moves on a daily basis offers a level of insight never seen before in the financial markets.

Long gone are the days of the ‘boys club’, where you had to be in the right crowd and have the right sums of money to be able to invest in the various financial markets. Now, you need minimal investment and minimal experience to start investing and learning how the markets work. Now, thanks to the eToro OpenBook, new investors can watch the best do their thing and learn from their experiences and, thanks to the ‘copy trade’ facility, you can also profit from their experience too.

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