Three Ways To Bet At Ladbrokes Financials



When placing bets on markets with Ladbrokes Financials, there are generally three types of bet that you will be offered; Moving Odds/Moving Binary, Static Odds/Static Binary and Range Odds/Range Binary. The market conditions will often play a part in deciding which types of bets to place but some of you may only want to place one type of bet, no matter which market you’re speculating on.

The simplest bets to place are moving odds/moving binary bets, which offer just three market levels and two possible outcomes. Whereas range odds/range binary bets are the most complicated of all bets at Ladbrokes Financials due to the 18 various bets that you can place at any one point in time but which type of bet is right for you?

Moving Odds/Moving Binary: Moving odds bets offer three fixed market levels to bet on during a betting period. You simply decide which level you want to bet on and then place your bet one of two ways – the market finishing above the fixed level or the market finishing below it – within the time period specified. During these betting periods, the market levels remain fixed, while the odds move to compensate for any changing likelihood in the outcome of the bets.

Static Odds/Static Binary: In a similar fashion to the first betting option at Ladbrokes Financials, static odds bets have predetermined market levels and you must decide if the market will finish above or below these levels. During these betting periods, the odds remain fixed, meaning that the market levels you can bet on are adjusted to calculate the bet values.

Range Odds/Range Binary: This third and final betting type at Ladbrokes Financials is the most complicated yet the most popular bet type to be placed on financial markets. Range betting involves 18 market price ranges and accompanying odds – six above the live price and six below. Choose which price range you think the market will be on when your bet closes and place your bets. During these betting periods, both the market prices and odds are adjusted to reflect the constantly changing chances of each bet winning.

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