Ladbrokes Saw Its Revenue Rise By 7.4%



Leading bookmaking firm, Ladbrokes saw its revenue rise by 7.4% during 2012 with many areas of advancement for one of the biggest names in UK gambling. Continued efforts towards less mainstream markets such as fixed odds financial betting have seen the firm make big steps forward, with Ladbrokes Financials quickly becoming a favourite among financial market speculators across Britain and beyond.

Financial betting is becoming more and more popular as a greater number of leading online bookmakers are beginning to offer betting opportunities on financial markets, as you will find at Ladbrokes Financials. While its online poker site was losing revenue against the previous year, the betting numbers at Ladbrokes Financials were better than ever.

Instead of backing Rooney to score first in the Man Utd vs Real Madrid Champion’s League showcase tonight, many of you will be speculating on the fortunes of stock markets companies or foreign currency pairs and it’s this switch in betting tactics that is at least partly responsible for the rise in Ladbrokes fortunes and, more importantly a rise in their annual revenue too.

Understandably, the news of a rise in overall revenue during 2012 prompted a rise in the share value of the company, climbing to the 226.70p per share region, giving Ladbrokes a market capitalisation value of just over £2bn.

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