Fixed Odds Mini Game At Ladbrokes



If you’re the kind of trader who likes to make your moves quickly, realising profits in short periods of time then Ladbrokes may have just the trading opportunity for you. The new fixed odds ‘mini game’ at Ladbrokes Financials is a great way to bet on the financial markets without the need to wait for days or even weeks to see if your bets came in.

The new financial fixed odds mini game at Ladbrokes Financials offers you all that you would expect from financial betting but bets are settled much quicker. Instead of choosing bets that are hourly or daily, you can bet on the movement of a market over a five minute or even two minute time period. This allows you to place many more bets in a shorter timeframe.

The fixed odds mini game, as they call it at Ladbrokes, can be played in three easy steps:

  • Choose a currency pair and decide whether the pair will rise or fall in value during the two or five minute bet periods offered.
  • Choose your stake
  • Click the ‘Place Bet’ button and that’s it. Any winnings will be paid directly into your Ladbrokes Financials betting account.

The betting platform at Ladbrokes is so simple even a child could use it (even though we do not in any way endorse underage gambling). There are just a few options to choose from, including; currency pair selector, a toggle for the bet duration (2 mins or 5 mins), a stake slider, buttons to choose if the pair will rise or fall in value and a ‘Place Bet’ button. This makes the betting platform a joy to use and a doddle to master.

To find out more about the new fixed odds ‘mini game’ at Ladbrokes Financials visit As a new trader at Ladbrokes, you will also receive a free £5 first bet match, effectively doubling your first punt at the site.