Mobile Forex Trading Apps From eToro



Over the past couple of years, online Forex trading has become a hugely popular pastime for gamblers and investors alike. More recently, as mobile phone technology has developed many Forex traders are finding themselves opening and closing positions from their mobile phone or web enabled mobile device, using facilities like the mobile Forex trading apps from eToro to keep up to date with their portfolio.

For a while now, eToro and many of the internet’s leading online Forex brokers have offered trading platforms for certain mobile phones but most of these facilities had very limited functionality and certainly weren’t an ideal way to trade Forex on the move. However, the well designed and ultra functional mobile Forex trading apps from eToro rewrite that particular rule book, offering you a fully interactive trading experience from your iPhone or Android powered mobile device.

The mobile Forex trading apps from eToro include the following features:

  • Live rates, keeping you up to date with the markets and prices
  • Live news feeds, which give you all of the latest economic news directly to your phone
  • Trading orders, keeping you in control of your investments
  • Trading history, showing you all of your previous trades
  • OpenBook, giving you live trading feeds and rankings
  • View users’ personal profiles, giving you an insight into a trader’s history
  • Follow or Copy traders of your choice, just like you would when trading Forex online at eToro
  • OpenBook Top 100, stay up to date with your friends and the best traders

So, if you want to trade Forex on the go, the new mobile Forex trading apps from eToro go a long way to, not only making mobile trading a possibility but making trading Forex on the move simple and straightforward.

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