Mirror Trader Forex Trading Platform From AVAFX



If you use automated Forex trading software to deliver the best return on your investments, then one of the internet’s leading brokers has a fantastic new facility that may interest you. The new Mirror Trader Forex trading platform from AVAFX is a powerful tool that allows you three control options; Auto, Semi and Manual, which is versatile and easy to use.

By using automated trading at AVAFX, you will benefit from the expertise of hundreds of Forex trading strategists, as well as having total convenience, thanks to the ‘automated’ part of this great trading method. Mirror Trader from AVAFX can be used to offer fully automated trading, opening and closing positions while you’re away from your computer, even when you’re logged out and your machine is off!

You can create your very own portfolio of strategies using the techniques of various experienced Forex traders. Then, Mirror Trader will do the rest for you. However, if you want to retain some control over your trading, you can use Mirror Trader in semi-automatic mode. This function allows you to close your positions automatically if you believe that the time is right and your strategist doesn’t.

If you want to take a hands on approach to a trading session, you can use Mirror Trader in manual mode. This function allows you to trade Forex online, as you would with the regular AVAFX Forex trading platform. You will have access to charts, analysis and market news, but you will have total control of opening and closing positions. However, once you’ve finished your hands on trading, you can switch back to automated mode and let Mirror Trader do the work while you’re not there.

To find out more about the new Mirror Trader Forex trading platform from AVAFX visit www.avafx.com.