HY Markets Has Over 30 Years Trading Experience


HY Markets

Leading online Forex trading site, HY Markets has over 30 years trading experience behind it, making it one of the most trusted trading sites on the internet. The company behind HY Markets, Henyep Group has over 30 years operational history, starting out as gold dealers but quickly advancing to the trading of stocks and shares, which you can still trade today with HY Markets.

With over three decades of trading knowledge and experience, it’s easy to see why a huge number of Forex traders and traders of stocks, shares and commodities choose HY Markets. In 2007 HY Markets was launched, bringing trading opportunities to retail traders who can buy and sell many instruments from a PC or smartphone.

Not only does HY Markets have many years of experience to offer but they are also FSA regulated in the UK, which means that you and your investments are protected by some of the most stringent financial regulations anywhere in the world. HY Markets is also licensed and regulated in a number of other territories around the world including Dubai and Hong Kong.

If you want to find out more about online Forex trading at HY Markets or if you want to open a new Forex trading account with them, visit www.hymarkets.com. You can open a new account with as little as $50 and, if you’re a new Forex trader, you can also try your hand before actually depositing funds using the free demo account at HY Markets.