Why Do So Many Forex Traders Choose eToro?



There are a huge number of online Forex brokers to be found on the internet, some more reputable than others. However, there is one name that everybody in the world of Forex trading has heard of, a site that many of us have used – eToro. So, why do so many Forex traders choose eToro as their preferred online Forex broker?

Firstly, eToro has one of the most welcoming Forex communities to be found anywhere. From the word go you will be offered help and support from both staff and fellow Forex traders. The OpenBook is the epitome of this community hub, where you can follow and chat to traders, watch your favourite traders’ positions being opened and closed, and even copy other traders’ transactions in a bid to share their success.

If you’re new to Forex trading, the practice accounts at eToro allow you to trade pretend money at real prices, giving you a feel for markets and trading software, while the eToro trading challenges allow you to pit your wits against other traders, testing your skills and possibly leading to a cash prize.

There are a number of trading platforms at eToro, allowing you to trade in various ways from various devices. The eToro Webtrader platform is an industry leading software client that allows you to trade Forex with comfort and ease. Mobile trader allows you to trade Forex on the move from your mobile phone and is accompanied by an Android app. The OpenBook and Copy.Me platforms at eToro offer you the chance to learn while you trade.

Forex bonuses are also a reason why so many Forex traders choose eToro. The welcome bonus at eToro varies from $50 to $1,000, depending on the size of your initial investment. This is a great boost to your trading days at eToro.

So, with this list of benefits, it’s easy to see why so many Forex traders choose eToro as their online Forex broker of choice.  Head over to www.etoro.com to see for yourself.