Practice Forex Accounts Are A Must For New Traders



If you’ve never staked your own money speculating on the fortunes of currency pairs then there’s a great feature for you at ForexYard, a feature that is the perfect place for novice traders to start their exciting journey into the world’s currency markets. Practice Forex accounts are a ‘must’ for new traders, as they offer you the chance to apply your knowledge, skill and instincts without risking your hard earned cash in the process.

For decades Forex trading was reserved for the privileged few, the ‘good old boy’s of the markets, with no opportunity for retail investors like us to make a few quid speculating on the future of currency pairs. However, the arrival of the internet brought with it online opportunities that have allowed online Forex brokers such as ForexYard to offer trading to you and I from the comfort of our own homes.

However, this accessibility to Forex trading now means that there are many inexperienced online traders who throw away their money by diving straight into the markets with no experience. To get used to how the markets work and to start understanding market movement in a bid to make a profit you must make many trades and watch the tickers for hours, which, if done with your own money can be an expensive exercise. But trading with a free practice account from ForexYard eliminates this risk.

You will be able to trade all of the currency pairs on offer to real money traders and you will have access to the same charts and be able to make real-time, real-price trades, just as real money traders can, with your practice account but there’s no risk of losing, because it’s pretend money you’re buying and selling with. This makes the practice account the most important Forex educational tool available, as there’s no substitute for experience.

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