Become A Guru Forex Trader At eToro



If you have a proven track record of trading Forex and you want some recognition for your talents you should become a Guru Forex Trader at eToro. As a Guru Forex Trader you will share your thoughts, insights and expertise among your followers and, as your talent becomes recognised by more people your followers will grow in number, giving you an even wider audience.

Not only will you be able to display your trading flair and abilities to other traders at eToro, you will also earn additional income if you’re successful enough. The more successful your followers are the more you will earn. You can interact with your followers in a number of ways, starting with the eToro OpenBook and also including social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The better that the insights and instructions that you deliver to your followers are the better the results will be for both them and for you.

In a bid to gain followers you can do things like uploading a photo of yourself to add a personal feel, approach prospective followers and convince them that you’re worth keeping an eye on, share successful trades on social media websites, showing a long-term Forex trading strategy to your followers and prospective followers and, most importantly of all, by making the profits for you and for your followers.

The Guru Trading Programme at eToro is just one of the many innovative ways that they are bringing the world of Forex trading to the man on the street (or the internet in this instance). As a new Forex trader at eToro you can benefit from a Forex bonus of up to $10,000 when you first fund your account, as well as being able to participate in the Trading Challenges and other great Forex promotions. To find out more visit