Gold Trading Is As Popular As Ever



Thanks to the world’s numerous financial crises and investors’ appetite for safe haven options, gold trading is as popular as ever at eToro (your capital is at risk) and other leading online brokers. The price of gold has been rocketing over the last few months, reaching a new record high of $1,681.65 per ounce during Thursday’s trading sessions, but will the gold bubble burst or can we consider the precious metal a safe commodity to trade for the foreseeable future?

As silver prices almost always mirror the fortunes of gold prices, the price of silver has been on the rise too, climbing by over 25 per cent over the last year. Gold and silver have been bucking the trend recently, with both of their prices significantly increasing, while practically all other commodities and stock markets have been recording negative numbers during the same period.

Many investors and traders at eToro (your capital is at risk), and other trading forums around the world, believe that the price of gold will continue to rise, certainly in the short term. Some of these market analysts are predicting a price of $2,000 per ounce within the next few months but, does this mean that we should all go out and spend our pension fund buying gold or is there a big slide on the cards for gold?

It’s a well known fact that in times of uncertainty and turmoil investors head for safe positions trading currencies such as the Swiss franc and commodities such as gold and silver. And, there’s certainly been plenty of uncertainty and turmoil across the globe over the last year or so, keeping investors worried and gold prices up. So, as long as the world’s financial markets are still risky the price of gold will continue to benefit.

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