PureDeal Mobile Spread Betting From IG Index


IG Index

Spread betting is fast becoming the most popular method of investment, especially among younger UK-based investors, which is why on the world’s leading spread betting companies now offers a new way to trade that’s aimed at people who are on the move. PureDeal mobile spread betting from IG Index is a great new way to place bets, check your accounts status and positions and get the latest prices and offered bets all from your mobile phone of PDA.

There are four versions of the PureDeal mobile spread betting software at IG Index; iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Mobile. This means that most of the popular mobile devices are suitable to use at IG Index.

  • PureDeal iPhone: The PureDeal iPhone spread betting app can also be used on the iPad and iPod Touch (depending on the software version).
  • PureDeal Android: The PureDeal Android spread betting app is available for all Android-powered touchscreen smartphones, mobile phones and PDA’s.
  • PureDeal BlackBerry: The PureDeal BlackBerry spread betting app can be used by most modern BlackBerry handsets and can be downloaded directly from IG Index via your handset.
  • PureDeal Mobile: The PureDeal Mobile spread betting software is for Java-based mobile phones that have at least GPRS ability. Most modern mobile phone can be used but check the FAQ’s at www.igindex.com for more information.

Not only can you spread bet from your mobile phone or PDA but there is also the multi-award winning PureDeal spread betting software for PC’s that offers a powerful tool from which you can have complete control of your investments.

So no matter where you are you can now be in the ‘right place at the right time’ to make those killer bets. If you want to find out more about the various PureDeal spreading betting platforms or to open a new spread betting account with one of the world’s most popular and trusted names in the world of spread betting visit www.igindex.com.