Will Spread Betting Remain Tax-Free?


Spread Co

Speculators at sites such as Spread Co will be keeping a keen eye on Mr Osborne’s announcements later on this week. This is because it is budget week in the UK and once again there’s the small matter of tax but will spread betting remain tax-free or will the Chancellor of the Exchequer make a huge u-turn regarding the tax status of spread betting?

Currently in the UK, profits from spread betting are exempt from taxation providing that your spread betting profits don’t constitute your main source of income. Spread betters are also normally exempt from the massive 18 per cent Capital Gains Tax suffered by traditional share traders. It is unlikely that either of these conditions will be altered but in a time when inflation has risen to a two-year high of 4.4 per cent and as the economy’s growth has slowed it’s far from a certainty that spread betting will remain tax-free.

However, for all of this leeway from the treasury spread betters are penalised too. You may not have to pay tax on any profits earned while spread betting, in the same way that a punter placing a bet in the bookies doesn’t, but this means that you are unable to write off any trading losses against your end of year tallying up.

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