Advantages To Fixed Odds Financial Betting


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If you’re new to retail investment and are wondering whether to trade Forex, commodities or maybe try your hand at spread betting you should also consider fixed odds financial betting. There are many advantages to fixed odds financial betting at sites such as BetOnMarkets but the main advantage is convenience.

If you wanted to trade in the huge array of markets available from a financial betting company you would need accounts here, there and everywhere. For example, if you wanted to trade shares in the US and the UK you would need two separate brokerage accounts. If you then wanted to trade Forex or commodities you would need a further account for that too.

However, fixed odds financial betting allows you to speculate on the fortunes of a massive range of markets and products from one trading account. There products available to bet on include; shares, equity indices, commodities, exchange rates and more. This great choice allows you to find markets that you have inside knowledge of or a specific interest in, however diverse they may seem.

One of the most popular online fixed odds financial betting sites is BetOnMarkets. This is due to their great choice of products that include; dozens of currency pairs, many of the world’s leading indices indexes, top UK and US stock market companies, commodities such as gold and oil and more.

You can open a new account at BetOnMarkets with as little as $10 or if you want to take a look around the site and make some practice trades you can open a practice account with a $10,000 virtual bankroll to get you going.

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