Free Spread Betting Course From IG Index


IG Index

Spread betting is one of the safest ways to start trading, mainly due to the fact that once you have placed your bet you can lose no more, just what you have wagered. This is in stark contrast to Forex trading which can cost you huge portions of your bankroll by simply not being there when the market crashes. To assist new spread betters there’s now a Free Spread Betting Course From IG Index which offers you the chance to practice spread betting with bet from just 10p.

Some spread betting companies may charge you for this privilege but IG Index offers this great educational experience completely free of charge to new traders. The TradeSense spread betting course from IG Index is a six-week course which gradually introduces you to all of the aspects of spread betting from the basics and fundamentals of spread betting to in-depth market studies and trading tactics.

During the six-week TradeSense course at IG Index you will be offered the opportunity to place bets of very small amounts, allowing you to get to grips with the site and with spread betting in general before you start making those big bets. In the first two weeks you will be able to place 10p bets, for the following two weeks you can place bets of 20p and for the final two weeks of the TradeSense course you can place 50p bets. This allows you to get a feel for spread betting and familiarise yourself with the IG Index trading platform while gradually increasing your risk levels.

To take advantage of TradeSense by opening an IG Index spread betting account visit where you can open a new spread betting account in minutes.