Ladbrokes Land Sporting Index Chief, Richard Glynn



Spread betting has just witnessed a huge personnel change which sees Ladbrokes Land Sporting Index Chief, Richard Glynn. Spread betting firm, Sporting Index are saying ‘goodbye’ to their chairman and eight-year chief executive as he makes his move to leading UK bookmaker, Ladbrokes in a deal which could be worth £12 million to Mr Glynn.

On the 22nd of April Mr Glynn will succeed the current Ladbrokes chairman, Chris Bell, who is due to leave the company in the summer following nine years of running one of the UK’s leading bookmaking firms. Mr Glynn was chosen to take Ladbrokes forward following recent changes in the law including the 2007 Gambling Act plus the expansion of online gambling and the move away from track racing.

Mr Glynn has been set a target which involves doubling the price of Ladbrokes shares over the next five years and if successful Mr Glynn will be awarded four million shares, shares which could be potentially worth £11.9 million. A spokesperson for Ladbrokes said that the company was “impressed by Mr Glynn’s entrepreneurial energy after nine years leading the expansion of Sporting Index.”

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