Caution Being Shown By Forex Traders And Investors Of European Markets



During today’s trading the Euro made a slight recovery against the dollar but was still hovering around an eight-month low. The euro managed to steady itself against the US dollar but there is still widespread caution being shown by Forex Traders and investors of European Markets due to the caution of the fiscal health of certain EU member states.

Following the close of the markets today, the euro still remains near an eight-month low against the US dollar and the confidence of forex traders at sites such as eToro (your capital is at risk), who are buying and selling positions against the euro has been unsettled further by the news of Spain, Greece and Portugal’s financial difficulties and debts.

Following a meeting of European Ministers it was declared that the EU would do everything in its power to ensure that Greece sticks to its budget-cutting plan but this has still failed to promote confidence for euro investors. Forex traders and investors will be closely monitoring the see how policy makers in Europe plan to deal with the issues that are coming from Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Early trading on Monday saw the euro climb slightly against the US dollar, up 0.1% to $1.3675 but was still down near that earlier mentioned low. These latest dents to the value of the Pan-European currency have continued a trend which has seen the euro fall by 10% in 15 months against the US dollar.

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