Obama’s Banking Reform Plans Scared US Markets


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Many global markets faced significant losses following a speech regarding the US economy on Thursday. President Obama’s Banking Reform Plans Scared US Markets, with the main US share index, the Dow Jones falling over 200 points as Obama gave his speech regarding plans to limit the size of banks and restrict their trade in a bid to avoid a repeat of the large scale economic crashes witnessed recently.

The Dow Jones finally ended the day 213 points down from where it began when the markets opened on Thursday morning. Two of the US’ biggest banks, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America saw their share values plummet with JP Morgan Chase losing 6.6% and Bank of America falling by 6.2%. But it wasn’t doom and gloom for all investors. There were many profits made for investors using fixed odds financial betting who predicted the US President’s actions and bet that the markets would fall, which they duly did.  Plus there were some fantastic odds to be had at financial betting companies like BetOnMarkets.

It wasn’t just the US markets that were affected by the President’s banking reform plans. In the UK, the FTSE 100 index ended down 1.6% with bank’s share values falling the most, similar to happenings in the US. Once again this offered plenty of opportunities for the shrewd or knowledgeable financial betting investor. BetOnMarkets had some of the most competitive odds available on Tuesday as markets values across the globe made big shifts, offering great betting opportunities to those in the know.

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