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Welcome to Trading Game, a guide to playing the markets. Market trading is now open to anyone with an internet connection, a bit of spare cash, and some free time. You're unlikely to make a million overnight, but by playing carefully you can earn an income from online trading, and have fun at the same time.

This site offers an overview of all types of trading so that you can choose which trading platform is the most suitable for you. We explain in simple terms how each system works without the use of jargon, and we do have a glossary of terms which you will find useful and a forum to discuss your experiences in... [Read more]

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Social Trading

Forex Trading

The currency and commodities markets are notoriously difficult to trade on successfully without having gained years of experience, but social trading allows you to benefit from the experience of others. Find out how Social Trading works.

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Fixed Odds Financial Betting

Fixed Odds Financial Betting

The easiest way to play the markets (including Binary Options), place bets on what the various markets will do during the day as simple as betting on a horse. Get guides, tips, reviews and compare suppliers in our Fixed Odds Financial Betting section.

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Spread Betting

Spread Betting

Playing the spread is one of the potentially most lucrative market methods, but also one of the most risky. Get guides, tips, reviews and compare brokers in our Spread Betting section.

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Commodities Trading

Commodities Trading

Play the prices of everything from gold to petrol to grain, a fast moving alternative to playing the foreign exchange markets. Get guides, tips, reviews and compare brokers in our Commodities Trading section.

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MMA Forex Customers Still Await Their Money

Over the past 12 months, investors at Dubai based online Forex trading company MMA Forex have been attempting to get their investments back. According to Al Bawaba, a Middle-East based news agency, in October 2012, customers of the Forex company were notified that... [Read more]

Watch With Anticipation As Your Financial Bets Unfold

Placing financial bets may sound like a boring way to wager a bob or two, especially when compared to realtime live sports betting. Can the falling value of Apple shares excite you as much as a 92nd minute equaliser in the FA Cup final? Oh yes! At Ladbrokes Financials,... [Read more]

Flat Markets Ahead Of Ben Bernanke’s Testimony

Trading markets across the world have become somewhat calm and tranquil waters ahead of US Federal Reserve chief, Ben Bernanke’s congressional meeting on Capitol Hill later today. There were slight increases for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq during this morning’s... [Read more]

You Don’t Need Millions To Bet At Ladbrokes Financials

Financial betting is a great way to enjoy a flutter on more unusual markets but, just because you are placing bets on financial markets that have millions of pounds worth of value, this doesn’t mean that you need millions in the bank to bet at Ladbrokes... [Read more]

Spread Betting In The UK Is Tax Free

Spread betting at sites such as BetOnMarkets is becoming more and more popular for investors who are looking to profit from the various world trading markets. However, like most other forms of investment, spread betting and betting in general is taxable in many... [Read more]

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